Flora Perritt

Registered massage therapist

Practicing since 2023

Flora Perritt (she/her) graduated from Camosun College in the summer of 2023 with a diploma in massage therapy.

Flora takes a professional intrigue in transgender specific care, scar work, myofascial release and external work to complement treatments for conditions of pelvic floor tension. She is also interested in how down-regulating the nervous system can assist with symptoms of complex systemic conditions. For this reason Flora strives to create a haven away from some of the harsh realities or expectations outside the clinic walls, where people can find radical relaxation, if that is their goal. Relaxation massage can be performed skin-on-skin or through the sheets while fully covered.

Techniques Used:

  • Skin rolling
  • Picking up and bowing muscles and scar tissue
  • Stretching and gentle resisted ranges of motion on the table
  • Myofascial reshaping and stretching
  • Joint mobilizations (subtle rhythmic joint movement)
  • Breath guidance/diaphragmatic breathing
  • NMT (aka Swedish massage) for head/neck/hand/arm/foot massage for sessions of deep relaxation

Discussions around pressure, specificity, safety, goals and self care are woven into every treatment. Pressure feels different for everyone and can be appropriate or inappropriate at different times. It will be applied on a spectrum that seems safe and that you feel is comfortable.

Flora also works as a part-time support worker, gives occassional presentations on intersex/trans health to massage therapy college students and has been known to enjoy storms on the beach, spend all day on her bicycle and get absorbed in podcasts. Before finding Remedy Wellness, Flora Perritt worked as a bodyworker and completed over 300 practicum clinic hours in the Greater Victoria area, the Parkinson Wellness Projects Society (PWP), and the addictions recovery centre New Roads Therapeutic Recovery Community.

Flora is currently accepting new patients.

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