Jackson Blondeau

Registered massage therapist

Practicing since 2019

Jackson is a 2019 graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy and is registered with the CMTBC. His academic background has led him to pursuing how therapeutic touch, manual therapy and general movement awareness can be used to regulate the over-active nervous system.

His approach to massage and manual therapy is patient- centered, and his therapeutic technique is slow, sustained and intentional. Pressure and depth of contact can vary and be adjusted to your individual needs. Jackson has additional training and experience in:

  • Integrative Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Dermoneuromodulation Therapy

Jackson emphasizes your awareness and participation during your session to help decrease pain, restore range of motion, and help promote general ease of movement. He takes a full-body approach to assess and treat clients by observing movement and holding patterns that might be effecting your daily activities and quality of life.

Jackson is currently accepting new patients!

Please note: Sessions are primarily carried out on the treatment table, but some techniques can be done while seated, or off of the table. He asks that you please come wearing loose fitting gym wear – shorts, sports bra, tank top – and he will ensure that you’re adequately draped and comfortable.

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