Dr. Ken Alexander


Practicing since 2016

Dr. Alexander’s treatment style involves thorough assessment at each appointment to determine the root cause of your pain and discomfort. Each treatment is unique and specific to your needs on that day.

Treatment Style/Modalities Used:

  • Adjustment/joint manipulation
  • Diversified Chiropractic Technique
  • Activator Tool
  • Drop Table
  • Joint Mobilizations (Grades I-V)
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Vibration Massage Technique
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation(TENS)
  • Personalized Rehabilitative exercises
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Moderate to Firm Pressure
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
  • Cupping
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Muscle Stripping and Stretch/Isolytic Stretching
  • Proprioneurofeedback Stretching (PNF)

From a young age, Ken has been passionate about the profession of chiropractic. Being injured in the past either through sport, recreation and life itself, the number one thing that has always been able to provide relief was seeing a chiropractor. Ken has always wanted to have a career that he could use to help others; Chiropractic seemed like the obvious choice, as he knew how much it helped him. He studied Kinesiology for his undergraduate, studying at both the University of the Fraser Valley and the Memorial University of Newfoundland. From there, he went to Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic. In his free time, Ken enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with his family.

Ken has seen great improvements in health through manual therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and positive lifestyle changes. He believes that each and every person is different; therefore each treatment he provides is specifically tailored to each individual.
​Dr. Alexander uses an evidence-based approach that implements a diversified style of chiropractic. This hands on style is characterized by a high velocity, low amplitude thrust which is used to restore proper movement of the joints of the body.

Understanding bio-mechanics and why an injury occurred is imperative to ensuring pain and discomfort are prevented in the future. Dr. Alexander is passionate about empowering patients and providing knowledge. Rather than a short appointment where just an adjustment takes place, initial visits are 45-60 minutes and follow-up appointments are a half hour, where treatment provided includes joint mobilization or manipulation, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitative exercises. His goal is to help you return to your pain-free life so you are no longer hindered by your movements and pain.

Dr. Alexander is available for a free 15 min consult to discuss whether Chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you.

Ken’s personal journey recovering from a broken back in 2012

In the summer of 2012, a friend and I were hiking. My footing was lost going around a rock face and I fell off the side of the cliff. I was airlifted to the hospital and from there it was discovered that I had fractured 3 bones in my back and 4 ribs. I also suffered a collapsed lung, 2 broken teeth as well as multiple scratches and bruises. Following the injury, recovery was one of the hardest physical/mental obstacle that I had to overcome. I remember when I went back to the hospital for my second chest X-ray, the doctor that was overseeing my case took my wife aside and said: “Make sure he does everything for himself, don’t so much as make him a sandwich”. I was astonished. Here I was barely able to move, without being in extreme pain, and I was told that I had to keep pushing. That was tough to hear but so important.

Movement is what the body craves in order to be able to function at it’s best. If we allow ourselves to remain motionless we limit ourselves and allow the pain to dictate what we can, and cannot do. To help with the pain I went to see the chiropractor. Although the adjustments that a chiropractor does are valuable, it’s not the only thing that they can do. The chiropractor was able to help with some relief of the back pain that I was experiencing but also gave a list of exercises that I was to do that would help with pain and to start strengthening the weak areas. The exercises were time-consuming, frustrating and at the time seemed pointless. However, they were invaluable. Slowly I started to see the progression in my condition. I started moving easier and I noticed I could do more in my daily life.

One of the biggest reasons I am a chiropractor is because of this incident. I know what it is like to be injured and the journey it is to get through. I know the feeling of being frustrated with the pain to the point of tears. Though my experience seemed terrible at the time, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I learned so much during this period of my life about pain, movement, exercise and a positive outlook. If you’re dealing with pain, whether it be a new injury or it has been lingering for a while and you’re ready to make a change, lets talk. -Dr. Ken Alexander