Alice Trombley


massage intern

graduating wccmt 2024

Alice (she/they) found a passion for helping others in their early twenties through an interest in health and fitness. 

Before beginning education at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Alice worked with a variety of clients as a fitness nutrition coach and personal trainer.  Alice is driven to help patients find pain-free movement in ways that work for you. Their extensive  knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and manual therapy is used to create a personalized treatment plan for each individual.

Some techniques Alice offers are:

  • Manual muscle testing
  • Functional movement assessments
  • Direct myofascial release
  • Range of motion
  • General swedish massage
  • Passive and active stretching
  • Trigger point release

Alice’s preferred treatment style includes myofascial practices under the umbrella of relaxation. They believe all treatment modalities performed with gentle intention are both effective and calming. Upon completion of board exams, they are excited to further their studies into pregnancy and postpartum massage as an RMT.

About Intern Services & Chronic Conditions Program