Caroline O’Hara

Registered Acupuncturist

Practicing since 2014

Caroline has had a life-long interest in human nature and health care. She earned a degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University, and a diploma in Social Services from Seneca College.

After spending a few years working in the mental health field, she realized she wanted a more individualized and personal approach to health care. While searching for a more wholistic approach to physical and mental health care, Caroline discovered that Traditional Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture in particular, was exactly what she was seeking.

In 2013, Caroline completed her Diploma of Acupuncture from Pacific Rim College with a high honors, and became a Registered Acupuncturist in April of 2014.

Caroline strives to maintain the holistic nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine by treating each patient as an individual with their own unique symptoms and circumstances. She has a special interest in the relationship between physical pain and mental/emotional well-being, and often helps patients explore how their emotions and their body effect each other.
Caroline practices both Traditional Chinese acupuncture as well as Five Elements acupuncture. She also uses Abdominal Acupuncture to treat all manner of physical ailments. This style of acupuncture is a great option for people who are fearful of needles, or have a hard time laying still for long periods of time.

Caroline is experienced in the treatment of both chronic and acute pain management, stress/anxiety management, weight loss support, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, digestive complaints, fertility concerns, allergy management, mental and emotional well being, and addictive behaviors.

Caroline is also fully trained and experienced in Traditional Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na Massage, Electrical Stimulation Acupuncture, Diet Therapy, and Reiki. She uses these additional treatment modalities to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality and in-depth treatment possible.

​Caroline is currently accepting new patients.

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