Remedy Wellness Centre

Direct Billing and ICBC Billing

Direct Insurance Billing and ICBC Billing

Our Policies

Direct Billing Regular Insurers

​Direct billing is available for the following extended health plans. Please inform our admin staff if you have coverage through one of these plans and would like us to bill for you. If you do not see your plan listed, we may still be able to bill it directly, please call and we will let you know. A credit card on file is required. We do not direct bill WCB/Worksafe for any of our services. 

  • Canada Life
  • Canadian Forces
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • ​Claim Secure
  • Desjardin Insurance
  • Greenshield
  • ​ICBC
  • Manulife
  • MSP
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • RCMP
  • Standard Life
  • Sunlife
  • Veterans Affairs

ICBC Billing and Treatment Plans

ICBC covers a set dollar amount for each type of services within 12 weeks from the date of your accident:

25 Visits:

12 Visits:
Clinical Counselling
Kinesiology/Athletic Therapy

Massage Therapy

Where Should I Start?

We recommend getting a thorough assessment done by our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor, as a starting point. This practitioner can take charge as your primary care person. They can provide you with a picture of what is happening in your body and suggest some additional treatment options that may include massage therapy, acupuncture, clinical counselling, etc…

*Most of our practitioners take ICBC patients, some don’t, so make sure you book an ICBC Appointment type, not a regular treatment type.

What If I’m Not Recovered After 12 Weeks?

If you’re not recovered by the end of the first 12 weeks, don’t worry! We can submit a treatment plan to ICBC with a request for additional treatments past the first 12 weeks.

Should I Be Doing All Of These Therapies?

We know it can be tempting to book all of the available treatments and appointments all at once, but sometimes this can be overwhelming for both your body and your schedule. We don’t want to over-treat you.

We recommend starting with 1 -2 therapies, likely once a week each, and booking a few weeks ahead to ensure consistency of care. At any time, your primary practitioner may recommend adding/removing more therapies, if it would be in your best interest.

Starting with Physiotherapy or Chiropractic is highly recommended. Massage or acupuncture is often added to one of these. Counselling is also highly recommended as dealing with both the physical and mental/emotional trauma are equally important.
What If I’m Seeing Someone Else, Somewhere Else?

Its also recommended, but not required, to keep all of your services under one roof. We work as a team and communicate with each other about your treatment progress and what we’re focusing on. For this reason, we can achieve a higher quality of care and better results than if you are seeing someone outside of Remedy.

Does ICBC Cover the Full Cost Of All Appointment?

ICBC pays a flat fee per service for acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, counselling and registered massage therapy.
​In most cases, that fee covers the total cost of the appointment.

​For example, the flat fee ICBC pays for massage therapy is enough to cover the cost of a 30 minute follow up treatment. If you want to come in for 60 minutes, you will have to pay the difference, which is about $22. This portion can be billed to your other extended health insurance, but they may require that you pay and submit the receipt manually. Give us a call and we will be happy to disclose exactly what the rates are for the services you’re interested in, so you know exactly what to expect.

Can I Use My Other Benefits Plan?
No. Unfortunately, your insurer doesn’t allow it. Only the remainder can be billed to your other insurer if you have an active ICBC claim. If they discover otherwise, you can be on the hook financially for the cost of treatment. Yikes!

What If I’m Already Past the First 12 Weeks From The Date of My Accident?
In this case we will need to get you in for an assessment with one of our practitioners to determine if it’s appropriate to send a treatment plan request to ICBC, asking for coverage. You may need to pay out of pocket for this assessment, if ICBC denies coverage. You can also contact them directly to find out.

Communicable Disease Prevention Policy

Safety Protocols

October 2022 Update: our regulatory colleges have RECOMMENDED but not required that our practitioners and staff continue to wear masks within the clinic.

1. Self Screening Before Your Appointment

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? If so, please reschedule your appointment and stay home until you are symptom free. If you arrive at the clinic with cold/flu symptoms, we will not treat you and you will be charged for the full cost of the appointment. If you have to cancel on short notice due to illness, there is a minimum $15 fee.

  • Fever or Chills
  • New Cough/Worsening chronic cough
  • Loss of Sense of Smell or Taste
  • Sore Throat
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea

2. Masks are RECOMMENDED.

Expect to be asked to wear one by your practitioner. Most are comfortable without a mask, but some practitioners will require that you wear one. Please bring one with you.
You can ask your practitioner to wear a mask, to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

3. Wash or disinfect your hands upon entry

4. Arrive about 5 minutes early as we are limiting wait room capacity to 3 people

We will put the health and safety of our practitioner, admin staff and other patients first, and refuse service to anyone who does not follow these protocols. No exceptions.

What You Can Expect From Us

Treatment rooms, equipment, tools and linens are cleaned and sterilized between patients in accordance with the guidelines and standards established by the BCCDC, the PHO, and our professional regulatory body(s), association(s) and Worksafe BC. Bathrooms and all common areas are being cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.

Your practitioner will practice proper hand hygiene and PPE protocols during every shift they work at Remedy Wellness Centre.

Your practitioner may cancel appointments on short notice if they feel unwell. Your practitioner will NOT practice in any capacity if he/she is sick. Front desk staff and management will also not be allowed to come to work if they are sick.

We will not disclose personal health information regarding vaccine status of our practitioners or administrative staff.

Patient Information

Privacy & Consent Policies


The collection, use, disclosure and retention of your Personal Information are regulated by law in British Columbia. Remedy Wellness Centre recognizes the importance of confidentiality and the protection of your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains how we use and protect Personal Information we hold, whether it relates to our clients, potential clients, staff, job candidates, consultants, or third party service providers.

“Personal Information” is information about an identifiable individual or information that permits an individual to be identified. It does not include business contact information, such as name, title, business address and business telephone number when used for business communications.

Remedy Wellness Centre collects and uses your Personal Information primarily to provide you with programs, services, products and information you may require, and to collect payment for the provision of services and products. Remedy Wellness Centre also collects and uses your Personal Information to enable it to manage and develop its operations and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Remedy Wellness Centre will limit the amount and type of personal information collected to that which is reasonable and necessary to fulfill its stated purposes.

Remedy Wellness Centre may, with your consent, share your personal information with selected third parties such as extended health insurance providers for the purpose of direct billing your plan. Remedy Wellness Centre upholds the highest standards to protect your Personal Information in a manner consistent with the principles articulated in this Privacy Policy, The Health Professions Act and other applicable laws.

At Remedy Wellness Centre, we value our relationship with our clients and respect their privacy. Accordingly, Remedy Wellness Centre is accountable and responsible for the safeguarding of personal information in our custody or under our control. Remedy Wellness Centre has implemented procedures for the handling of personal information, and has developed a complaint process for clients with personal information concerns.

Remedy Wellness Centre will obtain your consent to collect, use or disclose personal information (except where authorized or required by law to do so without consent such as court order). Consent can be express, implied, or given through an authorized representative such as parent or guardian, lawyer or agent. You have the right to refuse or withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. You may have your name removed from our telephone, mail or email lists. However, withdrawal of consent may limit our ability to communicate with and serve you.

Please note that there are circumstances where the use and/or disclosure of Personal Information may be justified or permitted or where Remedy Wellness Centre is obliged to disclose information without consent. Such circumstances may include:

  • Where it is disclosed to a person who, in the reasonable judgment of Remedy Wellness Centre, is an agent of you (such as a parent enquiring on behalf of a child under the age of 19)’
  • Where required by law or by order or requirement of a court, administrative agency or other governmental tribunal;
  • Where Remedy Wellness Centre believes, upon reasonable grounds, that it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of an identifiable person or group, including of Remedy Wellness Centre;
  • Where it is necessary to establish or collect monies owing to Remedy Wellness Centre;
  • Where it is necessary to permit Remedy Wellness Centre to pursue available remedies or limit any damages that Remedy Wellness Centre may sustain; or
  • Where the information is public.
  • Where obliged or permitted to disclose information without consent, Remedy Wellness Centre will not disclose more information than is required.

Remedy Wellness Centre will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your Personal Information as used or disclosed by Remedy Wellness Centre is accurate and complete.

Remedy Wellness Centre keeps Personal Information only as long as it is required for the reasons it was collected. The length of time we retain information varies, depending on the product or service and the nature of the information. This period may extend beyond the end of a person’s relationship with us but it will be only for so long as it is necessary for us to have sufficient information to respond to any issues that may arise at a later date. When your Personal Information is no longer required for our purposes, we have procedures to destroy, delete, erase or convert it into an anonymous form.
Remedy Wellness Centre transmits and stores files electronically, on a software system called Jane App that is PIPA compliant, secure and recommended by our health care professional regulatory bodies such as the CMTBC and MTABC.

Remedy Wellness Centre will protect your Personal Information in its custody or control by making security arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, collection or use. Remedy Wellness Centre has taken steps to maintain adequate physical, procedural and technical security with respect to its information storage facilities so as to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of Personal Information.
In terms of communicating Personal Information to Remedy Wellness Centre, you may wish to note that there is no method of transmitting or storing data that is completely secure. While the physical characteristics of each are different, mail, telephone calls, faxes and transmissions over the Internet are all susceptible to possible loss, misrouting, interception and misuse of the information being communicated or transmitted.

You have the right to access your Personal Information through the Remedy Wellness Centre Privacy Officer. Unless prevented by law Remedy Wellness Centre will provide you with information regarding your Personal Information and give you the opportunity to correct any errors of fact.

If you do not want to be included on the Remedy Wellness Centre mailing list, please advise the Remedy Wellness Centre Privacy Officer.

If you have any complaints, questions or concerns about our handling of your Personal Information please call us at 250-590-5221. Otherwise, we will assume that we have your consent to continue to collect, use and disclose your Personal Information for the purposes identified above.